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Both 70-542 and 70-630 are belongs to Mircosoft testing SharePoint Server 2007, there are some real 70-630 exam?questions below:
1.You deploy the English-language version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. You install the French, German, and Japanese language packs. You need to ensure that users do not create personal sites in any language other than English. What should you do?
A: Configure My Site Settings to Disable the Language Options.

B: Ensure that the language preference for all users is set to English in Internet Explorer.

C: Force all subsites to inherit the regional setting of the root site.

D: Disable all translatable column settings in the root site.

Correct Answers: A
2.You need to place a link on the top navigational bar of your companys corporate Web site. You also need to ensure that the link appears on all pages within the root site collection. What should you do?
A: Modify the logo URL for the root site collection.

B: Modify the default.aspx page for the root site collection by using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

C: Configure the site navigation settings for the root site collection.

D: Enable the tree view navigation option for the root site collection.

Correct Answers: C
3.You create a site collection for each department in your company. You need to schedule the deployment of content from the Sales site collection to the Marketing site collection. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)
A:Configure the content deployment settings for the Marketing site to accept incoming content deployment jobs.

B:Create a new content deployment path and job.

C:Configure the Data Retrieval Service for update query support.

D:Create a new Content Management Server migration profile.

E:Configure the content deployment settings for the Sales site to not require encryption.

Correct Answers: A, B
4.You create a content type named Sales Report and associate it with a document library for the sales department. You need to ensure that the metadata for all sales reports appears when the document is opened in Microsoft Office Word 2007. What should you do?
A: Modify the document information panel settings for the Sales Report content type.

B: Create a new column named Metadata and associate it with the Sales Report content type.

C: Create a new site that uses the Document Center template. Move all sales documents to the new site.

D: Configure the variation settings for the site collection.

Correct Answers: A
5.You need to create SharePoint usage logs in a flat text file. What should you do?
A: In Event Viewer, save the Office Sessions event log as a comma separated values (CSV) file.

B: In the Shared Services Provider, enable advanced usage analysis processing.

C: In SharePoint Central Administration, enable logging in usage analysis processing.

D: In SharePoint Central Administration, enable recurring policy usage reports.

Correct Answers: C
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