Mobile Phone And Sim Unlock

It is common for mobile phone providers to lock your phone to their network. This means that your phone can only use SIM cards that come from their company. This is also done to restrict you to using your phone only in certain countries. This can be a problem if you choose to change networks. It would mean that you have to now buy a new phone that accepts the network you are changing to. It may also restrict you to buying phones that are compatible with your current network so as to keep your existing plan.

For many people, this can be extremely inconvenient. However it is possible to unlock your mobile phone from these restrictions. This can be done by entering a code unique to that particular phone. The other method is using a data cable that feeds software into your phone. This method is only used for some mobile phones. Once this is done you are able to use your phone with any network. Unfortunately this process is not always simple, and can vary between different networks.

In the earlier locked phones the process for unlocking them was not difficult. There was a simple code that could be entered that would unlock them. However these companies have made sure this is not the case with their more recent phones. If you plan to unlock your phone it might be required that you contact the network provider who will give you the code for a unlock fee.

It is a common misconception that it is illegal to unlock mobile phones. This is not true. It is however illegal to unblock a mobile phone. If a phone is lost or stolen, many companies are able to block that phone, leaving it unable to be used. This is a tool used with the iphone to discourage people from stealing them. There are methods to unblock these phones, however this is illegal.

There are a few benefits of unlocking your phone. The first, as mentioned above, is that you will be able to use your phone on any network. It will greatly benefit people who travel, allowing you to use your current phone when travelling to other countries. An unlocked phone will also be much easier to sell second hand if this is what you choose to do. Not only this, people will tend to pay more for an unlocked phone because it also gives them the added benefits. Additionally, there are drawbacks to unlocking mobile phones. Regardless of its legality, unlocking your phone will void the warranty provided by the network.

So if you are planning to unlock your phone, how do you go about it? There are websites that offer phone unlocking for a small fee. Once you have provided them with your phone details such as make and model they will do the rest. This can be done for most phones, which will normally simply require a code. It is important to realise that the phones will only allow you to enter the code a certain number of times. This means that if you enter the code incorrectly too many times it will make it impossible to unlock with a code. I have posted a link below to what I found to be the most useful website for phone unlocking.
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