Send pc sms to any mobile from your desktop or laptop and increase your business presence and growth

Businesses can grow by increasing their public presence and after the globalization of most economies businesses are now serving a wast geographic area. Different types of communication channels are in use for advertisement and information purpose for decades like television and news paper etc. Still the need for a perfect communication channel was felt as most of the communication channels fails to accurately target the customer niche.

This article is meant for introduction of a new and economic communication cum advertising channel capable of targeting different customer niche accurately. As you know that Today life can't be even considered without a gadget called mobile. Every single person knows how important this small gadget is. Mobile has become personal gadget solving connectivity problem entirely with voice calls or by the use of short messaging service or SMS precisely. Do you also think that mobiles can be used as very potential marketing and advertisement channel. Many big organizations are now using sms for their advertisement of employee information purpose. Not only well known and leading companies are using this service but also new businesses are showing tremendous interest in this technology of marketing planning.

There are more then one ways by which any new or well establish business can send sms in bulk for marketing purpose or for information purpose. Firstly it is not necessary to have a mobile phone to send messages, one can send messages by using its desktop or laptop which is more popularly known as pc sms. To send pc sms you may go to different web sites offering free messages services. Such sites are very popular as they provide quality messaging services absolutely free of cost however beyond a certain amount of messages their are few charges as well. Pc sms when delivered can be read as normal mobile to mobile sms. Another way of sending bulk pc sms is by using sms gateway, sms api and Text messaging software.

Sms gateway is a portal normally allotted by telecommunication service providers. Many telecommunication service providers offer sms gateway for pc sms service to bulk sms service providers or to individual companies also. This sms gateway enables company to send thousands of sms per day across the globe.

Sms api (Application programming interface) is useful as all the mobiles operators don't use same technology or language environment. Like few telecommunication operators use GPRS, Quad band and now 3G services are also increasing day by day. Purpose of using sms api is to ensure that irrespective of technological differences and languages preferences all the pulled pc sms are delivered to the mobiles. Sms api makes certain changes in the original sms and ensures the compliance with the recipients mobile.

Now think how will you send thousands of pc sms to mobiles? It will take too much time and effort to send pc sms for such huge quantity. To solve this problem Text messaging software are being used frequently. Text messaging software are specially written computer codes which enables user to send large quantity of pc sms with the single click of mouse. Text messaging software not only increases the speed of sending pc sms but it also provides different logical operators used in data mining for example if you want that your promotional pc sms should be sent to the mobiles owner with age limit of 45 then by using text messaging software it can be done very easily.
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