Email Archival Solutions: Need Of The Hour!

The fact can no longer be overruled that e mail archival is one of the most essential assets which organizations need to ensure in keeping their business litigation ready. In fact an e discovery request or an audit could demand the access to these assets and if businesses fail to produce the files, they can face dire financial troubles.
A cloud based email archival solutions thus stand as need of the hour!
Legal holds, retention policies and proficient storage: As a matter of fact, when timelines are tight and when the stakes are also high, relying on an unstructured email archive can be a costly mistake. On the other hand, banking on an easy to implement, cloud based email storage as a service solution can help you in effectively managing, storing, retaining and in retrieving your digital communication whenever and wherever there is a need.
Maximum flexibility: With cloud email service in place you will be able to archive emails from almost any number of users in the shortest span of time. Sure, you can set retention of almost any length and group and you are also free to change them at almost any time.
Emails as your legal evidence: In this litigation and lawsuit friendly world, when emails become evidences, cost can also mount on rapidly. To put things simply, searching messages for manual review can cost quite a fortune and can take almost months to complete. This is where the email archival solutions on cloud offers you the utmost flexibility.
With cloud email services in place you can,
● Perform thorough searches across body, headers, subject and file names over more than 400 attachments types in just few seconds
● Set legal hold of any length
● Change legal hold at almost any time to offer better retention policy management to the incoming mails
● Make it rather easy for the legal counsel in searching any particular selected mailboxes
● Find and retrieve any sent or received mails, using particular search criteria
Smart and effective storage and improved performance: Face this, as email usage has grown, organizations also feel the urgency in maintaining both performance and complete backups.
This is where email archival solutions can help you with;
● Improving the overall performance of E mail systems.
● Make use of intelligent import capabilities for consolidating the emails, for storing them into a single archive, where e mail correspondence can be centrally stored, searched as well as managed effectively.
● Supports by replacing duplicate attachments with a stub. The best part is, even when the attachments are stubbed, they can be still accessed through the mail archive and also straight from the original message.
It goes without saying that with an email archiving system on Cloud Nine organizations would be in a much better position to simplify their email management system to the core. This is why more than 80% business owners have moved their email storage on the cloud. They are relying on this comprehensive, email archival service in making their business litigation ready. It is however pertinent to mention here that a Gartner review of corporate information structures has unveiled a fact that corporates would be spending more towards security updating and email archiving assets, by 2016.
About the Author: Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how email archival solutions work to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about cloud email services and how they help you and your organization in accessing emails easily.
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