Registry Cleaner - Why It Doesn't Work!

There are a lot of problems that require a registry cleaner to solve them such as computer sluggishness or computer freezing, which is why a lot of companies have gone into this kind of business and have designed and distributed all kinds of registry cleaners available for downloading immediately.

Unfortunately, only a few are able to solve most of the problems that computer owners face everyday due to registry cleaner scams and frauds that have been circling the market for a long time already. One of these scams that have not only destroyed systems but also forced people to reformat their computers and lose a lot of time and money is RegCure and I am going to show you why it is a bad choice.

Even by just downloading the trial version, a lot of problems have already occurred when using this program to fix the computer's Windows registry. The first step that one would normally do is to download the trial version to see if the program really works. The thing with the program though is that it only detects and pinpoints a few registry errors and won't repair them unless you purchase the full version from the official website.

The only tasks that the trial version can do are to fix your font, clear out the Temporary files folder, and the like. These you can do all on your own without having to install the program, which is definitely a big thumbs-down already. And purchasing the full version, which is an astounding $29.95, doesn't help at all because it not only fails to fix and repair the damaged registry files but it ruins the entire system all together.

There have been reports that those who purchased the program are unable to start up their computer with error messages coming up. What's more, those who wish to contact the product customer support won't be able to do so because of two reasons: 1) They won't be able to connect to the internet, and 2) If you are able to connect, nobody behind the company will get in touch with you. This is already a big indication of a scam going on behind the curtains, which is why you shouldn't purchase this registry cleaner online.

If you're wondering if these problems are really true, you can visit forums and complaint boards where people who have problems and negative reviews about programs and all other software that they downloaded off the net. By doing this, they can notify the innocent and warn them from downloading and wasting their time and money on them.

This one is definitely included in the list of useless programs and scams since there isn't any customer support to assist people with the program's problems, nor is there any way to get a refund despite the 60-day money back guarantee posted on the website. Overall, this registry cleaner definitely gets a 0 out of 5 rating for not only ruining a computer's system but also being a scam as well.Links:
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