The Best Ideas Of Mission Computer Literacy

In this article, we will discuss the ideas of mission computer literacy. research organization is purely a non-profitable organization working on the grounds of spreading Computer Literacy. Established with the sole view of imparting computer literacy and creating job opportunities for the under privileged, gsm today stands apart from all other institutions for its noble motive and its service to the Indian society.

This is also one of the reasons why gsm is known as the best of Computer Literacy throughout the Rajasthan. Gsm has been working towards its goal with the same zeal and enthusiasm and taking up a challenge every month to cover a fixed number of aspirants to be benefited and each time it has crossed much over its expectations. As of date, it has a credit of training many aspirants through its Authorized Education Centers spread across the State that includes not only students but also housewives, businessmen, employees and almost every sections of the society. Today, most of our students who had selected gsm as their platform for putting their first foot forward in the world of Computers are highly placed in reputed organizations in India and abroad. Things appear organized today on the Akshaya front. But a politically-sensitive state like Kerala has the tendency to generate opposition against such ambitious e-government projects.

Sadath agrees, "The challenges had more to do with changes in attitude. Initially, we faced a lot of opposition because the state is still fighting to provide clean drinking water and other basic amenities. So, there was a feeling that spending on computer education isn't justified." The Akshaya team began to tackle these apprehensions after a series of meetings with stakeholders. Sadath attributes the success in convincing the public to the local bodies. The IT Mission team made customized ICT programs for fishermen and farmers. Another barrier to change was language, for which the State IT Mission developed multimedia course formats in Malayalam.

With the first phase of Akshaya operational, the original plan did undergo changes. through Village Computer Literacy program Mukti wants to help the poor but talented students in their future professional life. This project helps to spread the computer awareness among the villages of West Bengal where people never came across the computers. This project helps students to know more about various computer courses and get chance to prepare themselves for their jobs. Students as well as non-students are allowed to take this advantages if they meet some specific criteria set by project executive committee. the most of the elders living in our country, who may be employed or otherwise, are illiterate in computer and the uses of e-governance, e-banking and e-mail facilities etc.

They are having a feeling in their minds that the computer education can only be achieved by the youth and middle and upper class population only and it is not useful for them. To overcome this situation, we are conducting seminars, training programs, classes in govt. offices, govt./private colleges, schools and PSUs, Clubs, Reading Rooms, Farmers Banks, Pensioners Organizations, other Public interested Organizations and media centers etc. This program is very much appreciated one by these category people.Links:
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